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Criticizing from a foundation of skimming

Last week, PZ Myers briefly commented on my earlier posting about the Archaean expansion.  So I edited the original posting to point out that all of his criticisms failed largely because he was lashing out against a straw man.  In fact, the criticisms were so far off base that one can conclude Myers hasn’t even read anything about the hypothesis of front-loading.  This should not be surprising, as there is a very funny twist to his whole post that clearly stems from someone who roots their criticism in superficial skimming.

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Kitteh reads this blog


Now here’s an attack ad:

7 x 13 = 28

Bear Know Kung Fu

Having a Bad Day

Video Games and Art

Apparently, film critic Roger Ebert does not think video games qualify as art and PZ Myers agrees:

Video games will become art when replaying the performance becomes something we find interesting, when the execution of those tools generates something splendid and lasting. It just doesn’t now, though. If you want to see something really boring, watch someone else playing a video game. Then imagine recording that game, and wanting to go back and watch the replay again sometime.

Someone needs to tell Ebert and Myers things have changed a bit since their last experience with Space Invaders.