A Lack of Intelligence

The one that starts at 43 seconds is pretty funny – pay attention to the clock on the lower left hand corner. The one that follows it will make it worth your time watching. 😀

17 responses to “A Lack of Intelligence

  1. I remember seeing comments made by Mike Gene at the Biologos article by Stephen Meyer, last night. But this morning they’re gone, along with most of the other comments. What happened?

  2. Oops, I forgot. They’re at Darrell Falk’s rejoinder.

  3. So Mike, are you one of those “excitable scientists” who hasn’t “read enough evolutionary biology”, that Nick is referring to?

  4. I don’t think so. Now, if he had said, “excitable rabbits”….

  5. Easy there, Thumper.

  6. I wonder if the Darrel Falk Rejoinder thread could become another Stephen Barr thread.

    “Did I ever tell you yougins ’bout the Battle at the Falk?”

    “Only a million times, granpa.”

    “There we were, surrounded by TEs, YECs, and NAs, everywhere…”

  7. What, did I scare them away? Doesn’t anyone realize the potential here? We could be BIGGER than Stephen Barr!

  8. Ah, but there can only be one Stephen Barr thread.

    Did I ever tell you I was part of the Stephen Barr thread? Really, I was.

  9. Rub it in, why don’t ya’?

  10. Oh great. Sternberg responds to Falk, but not at Falk’s thread. Hello! What do you think you you’re doing, Richard? This is my one shot at fame and you’re messing it up!

  11. Gorebloodgore

    After watching the most disturbing movie ever “AntiChrist” I needed a good laugh. Thanks mike!

  12. Most disturbing movie ever? You’ve got me curious.

  13. Gorebloodgore

    Hey Bilbo,
    If you have netflix you can watch it instantly. Not that i recommend it. haha, I mean its good just really really messed up!

  14. No Netflix, but if I ask for “AntiChrist,” they’ll know what I’m talking about?

  15. Gorebloodgore

    They should be fired if they dont haha. Let me know what you think if you get your hands on it!

  16. Doug - p.falk - GringoRoyale

    I haven’t seen Antichrist yet…. but the visuals in the trailer were amazing.
    However, some of the details I have read in the synopsis makes me think I might pass.

    I’m kind of stunned that the most recent trailer for the Nightmare on Elm Street remake looks pretty good. I have no (or at least very little) respect for Platinum Dunes.

  17. Hey, that does look pretty good. Also, check out the trailer on the front page.

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