Defining Intelligence

So how would I define intelligence?

It’s the opposite of this:

The food’s free, so we should just……..sell it at the farmers’ market.

12 responses to “Defining Intelligence

  1. I’m thinking either it was an act, or she was high, or she’s psychotic. I hope it was one of the first two.

  2. we can make things and put them in the store

  3. I needs to gets me one of those vegetable trees!

  4. GringoRoyale

    I agree with Bilbo….
    my first guess is “it’s an act”.
    But, there was that model who was on live tv telling the world how people need maps so they can locate Brazil, and stuff.

  5. Hey Mike , have you played the new FF? I’m about half way through it. Not as deep as FFX but still pretty good

  6. Nah. Unfortunately I don’t have the xbox. But my kids are now old enough to play FFX and we just started it this weekend. The oldest is officially addicted, just like her dad. I forgot just how good that game was.

  7. Guts, any more thoughts on the new FF?

  8. I have to say, that the graphics are extremely beautiful. But I’m having trouble caring about the characters, like I did with FFX. It tries a little too hard to make you care. At the same time, the feeling of desperation, like you’re facing impossible odds, and the underlying mystery of the plot keeps me interested. I’m half way through the story, and at this point of the story, I already loved FFX, I don’t feel the same about this new one. Even FFX-2 had me hooked by now. Trying not to spoil anything, so sorry if this update was too ambiguous.

  9. I feel so left out of this conversation.

  10. ok i’m hooked now lol

  11. So it’s getting good?

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