Google Mystery

What does it mean?

Starting from left to right.

A true-breeding pea plant that makes yellow seeds is crossed with one that makes green seeds.  All of their offspring produce green seeds.  When the offspring are crossed, their progeny produce green and yellow seeds, but at a 3:1 ratio.

Sounds like it is someone’s birthday today.

The father of genetics was a monk.

3 responses to “Google Mystery

  1. Yes, but if you notice they did kind of goof. The google logo today is actually a dihybrid cross that apparently does not follow the law of independent assortment. The logo is also crossing yellow pods X green pods.

  2. Nice catch!

  3. I also noticed that the logo is also wrong if you are following the color of the seeds. Yellow seeds are dominant, green seeds are recessive. But Green pods are dominant, and yellow pods are recessive. But, even so i like it anyway. 🙂

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