Darwin’s warm pond idea fails test

Life on Earth was unlikely to have emerged from volcanic springs or hydrothermal vents, according to a leading US researcher.

Experiments carried out in volcanic pools suggest they do not provide the right conditions to spawn life.


3 responses to “Darwin’s warm pond idea fails test

  1. Heck, I was looking for this article about a month ago and couldn’t remember where I had read it. Too late now.

  2. Mike,

    In my blog list there is the following:

    Victor Stenger’s Odd Rant
    1 day ago

    Since you don’t have “Victor Stenger’s Odd Rant” in your blog, there’s a problem. But is it at my end, in my blog, or at your end, in your blog?

  3. Stenger wrote a hit piece on Simon Conway Morris for the Huffington Post and I wrote a reply and posted it. A little bit later, I decided to delete it. Maybe I’ll repost it in a few weeks when I’ll have a little more time.

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