10 Signs of Intellectual DIShonesty

A new blog by A.robustus takes a very interesting twist on the Ten Signs of Intellectual Honesty.  A. robustus writes:

I did a search of the web to see what information was available to an inquisitive reader trying to learn more about the intellectual honesty concept.  There’s quite a lot – much of it, unsurprisingly, from colleges and universities from all over the world.  The stand-out candidate appears to be 10 Signs of Intellectual Honesty available from the website of one Mike Gene.

While Mike Gene is an intelligent design apologist (who is bound to become the focus of future posts!), I have to admit that his 10 Signs post is splendid.  Looking at the number of others who have linked to this particular page I am not alone in that assessment.  I recommend it to anybody who is searching for a checklist to ensure that their argument is developed and progresses from a foundation of intellectual honesty.

A. robustus then offers his/her clever twist by outlining the 10 Signs of Intellectual Dishonesty:

1. Arrogance or “I am the messenger of truth”

2. Handwaving or “Your views have no merit”.

3. Unwavering commitment or “I know I am right – why bother arguing?”

4. Avoiding/Ignoring the question or “  . . . and let’s not forget about . . .”

5. Never admitting error or “I am/We are right – regardless of your evidence”.

6. Employing double standards or “Your evidence is unacceptable (because it’s your evidence)”.

7. Argumentum ad hominem or “You’re a [insert label/stereotype here] . . . and you have a secret agenda”

8. Destroying a straw man or “You might say that, but how do you explain . . . ?”.

9. Ignoring the principles of critical thinking.

10. Ignoring [partial] defeat or See Sign #1

I encourage you to check out his/her blog for brief explanations of each sign.

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