Special Sense Quiz

There are five special senses located in our heads: taste, smell, hearing, vision, and equilibrium (balance).  These senses provide the majority of information about our environment and together can detect changes in three different forms of energy – chemical, light, and mechanical.

So now it is quiz time.  There is something that all these special senses share in common.  Do you know what it is? Below the fold is a hint: figures that illustrate the core detection components of all five senses.






I’ll give the answer in the next post.

8 responses to “Special Sense Quiz

  1. I know! I know! *raises and waves hand furiously*

  2. Four of them have hair of some kind.

  3. Guts,

    Out with it, man, out with it!

  4. I was going to say the same thing you said.

  5. But is there “hair” in the retina?

  6. Oh wait. “Photoreceptor sensory cilium.” D’oh!

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  8. Guts, high five!

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