Evil Bunny

Back in 1958, biologist AJ Bernatowicz wrote the follwing in the journal Science:

Each of us is for good and against evil.  For most teachers of science, teleology and anthropomorphism are not issues to be debated but to be deplored – we stand against the evil.  In keeping with this attitude, I shall not debate with any who may have philosophical convictions in favor of teleology; their concept of good differs from mine.

Teleology is not only against the rules,  for some, it’s evil (although people in 2010 would not use that word anymore).

(HT to Scott Turner’s book, The Tinkerer’s Accomplice, for undercovering that quote)

4 responses to “Evil Bunny

  1. Nullasalus

    Well, isn’t it just great that science is a subject that crosses all boundaries and beliefs, and people of vastly different worldviews can all do the same science and… all that apparent nonsense.

  2. As Mr. Spock would say (with raised eyebrow), “Fascinating.”

  3. Nick (Matzke)

    Looks to me like you are overinterpreting that quote….

  4. That’s because I’m…….EEEVIL!

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