An Interesting Endorsement

One person with a doctorate in religion and science and two well-reviewed academic books on science and creation doctrine observed:

Nonetheless, I would say that Mike Gene has come closer than any other human being (and far, far closer than any of the famous TEs) to convincing me that it just *might* be possible to reconcile pure neo-Darwinism with orthodox Christian theology.  Whereas all the other TEs come up with arguments that to my mind are just sophistry concealing blatant contradictions or muddy thinking, Mike has a radically different approach.  So if someone wants an argument that just might be able to justify baptizing Darwin, Mike’s your guy.

And in case you are wondering, he is not talking about front-loading, the DM, or any other angle on evolution here.

4 responses to “An Interesting Endorsement

  1. Mike, I don’t know who Rich is. Do you?

  2. I think I do.

  3. Mike Gene, are you really trying to baptize Darwin and reconcile orthodox Christian theology w/Neo-Darwinism?

    Good luck!

  4. LOL. I’m not in the business of baptizing anyone. But as far as reconciling Christian theology with neo-Darwinism, there is no need to wish me any luck.

    It’s been done.

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