Da Matrix

15 responses to “Da Matrix

  1. Hi Mike.

    Checking on the origin and meaning of the word consilience, I came across E O Wilson and “Consilience“. Are you a fan of E. O. Wilson?

  2. More on E. O. Wilson.

  3. Hi Alan,

    Nah, I’m not a fan of Wilson. I think that ‘consilience’ was coined by William Whewell, as is also the case with the word ‘science.’

  4. Hi Mike

    Could I just ask did you originally set up Telic Thoughts yourself or as a joint venture, or diod you join it later as a contributor?

  5. Looking forward to an edit or preview feature!

  6. It was a joint venture with bipod, Deuce, Guts, Joy, Krauze, and Steve Petermann. Except for Guts, who maintains the site, none of the originals post there.

    Also, this is free wordpress blog and, as such, does not come with any edit or preview function for readers.

  7. I’m the last of the Mohigans.

  8. mohicans 😆

  9. Hi Mike,

    Many distractions but mon épouse is on a visit to the motherland for a couple of weeks so I’m at a loose end again. The book can come out of the closet!

  10. No links – moderated?

  11. Ah well, see you at Amazon.

  12. Alan,

    No, the moderation was not turned on, so I have no idea why your comments were hung up.

  13. LOL! I think I know why your posts got hung up in moderation, Alan. For the first time, you filled out the Website box. It looks like you have a new blog in preparation. 😀

  14. Indeed I opened myself up a wordpress blog. I did not explicitly link to it though. It must be the default option for wordpress blogs.

    I finally got around to posting a review of your book at Amazon and the blog may serve as a “peanut gallery” should the need arise.

  15. The Design Matrix Critique??

    I’m shocked!

    Shocked, I tell ya.

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