The spliceosome is a dynamic molecular machine that removes the introns from protein-coding genes in eukaryotes.  It is composed of 5 small RNA molecules and around 300 proteins.  Here is a video that shows you how the spliceosome works:

4 responses to “Spliceosome

  1. Do all orgasnisms that have introns also have spliceosomes?

  2. Bilbo,


    Prokaryotes have self-splicing introns.

    Look up “group 1 (I) introns” and “group 2 (II)” introns.


  3. But all eukaryotes have them?

  4. Spliceosomes appear to be limited to nucleated organisms- euks.

    Not to be confused with Youks- the Red Sox first baseman.

    Not sure if all euks have them though- pretty sure but not 100%.

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