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A Lack of Intelligence

The one that starts at 43 seconds is pretty funny – pay attention to the clock on the lower left hand corner. The one that follows it will make it worth your time watching. 😀

Using the ‘science’ word

Most people love to use the words “science” and “scientific” when advocating their own views.  And wouldn’t ya know it?  Almost every time they use those words, oddly enough, their views just happen to align with “science.” Clearly, people recognize science as an authority in our culture and seek to posture as if that authority sides with them.

But when you ask people to define what they mean when they use that word, you’ll find that the word comes with all sorts of meanings.  Consider what PZ Myers writes on his blog:

I am particularly appalled that Larry’s comments contain that hoary old chestnut, “science can’t explain love,” with the bizarre claim that “No scientist that is also a decent human being subjects all her/his beliefs to scientific scrutiny.” I think otherwise. There is a naive notion implicit in that statement that scientific scrutiny is somehow different from critical, rational examination. I’d argue the other way: no decent human being should live an unexamined life.

Pay attention to the part I have highlighted.  Is Myers equating scientific scrutiny with a critical, rational examination? It looks that way to me.  And if so, he is wrong.

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