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Now THAT’S a car review

A Mistake in the Matrix

In the DM, I write:

A core element of the non-teleological perspective of evolution is that mutations are random with regard to fitness. This means that mutations are not inherently forward- or outward-looking. Instead, a mutation simply occurs in a random fashion (a genuine mistake) and whether or not it benefits the organism depends on contingency, for as far as we know, evolution does not create targeted mutations to solve specific problems. For example, if there was some mechanism by which the PCP molecule itself could trigger the specific mutation that elicits the expression of continue (see Chapter 6), we would have a powerful indicator of a teleological mechanism at work. In such a case, the cell would be selectively mutating regions of its DNA that it needs to retool in order the meet the challenges of the environment.

Yet upon further thought, I do not think many people would consider this “a powerful indicator of a teleological mechanism at work.”

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