The Top 10 of 2009

Since 2010 is getting close, I thought I would offer the Top Ten posts from this blog during 2009.  These are the 10 bestest, hip-hoppiest postings of all year!*

Anyway, the Top Ten of 2009 are broken down into three categories. And here they are……

Approaching the issue of design in life

The Central Metaphor contains a small excerpt from my book that is essential for understanding the approach I outline.

Evidence and suspicion is an excerpt that was cut from the book and discusses the key role that suspicions play in an investigation.

The simplest of eukaryotic cells describes a relatively obscure piece of science history that carries an important message – a scientific hypothesis supported by extensive empirical evidence can be false.

Ways to approach a design inference outlines the four different methods one can take when trying to determine whether or not some biological feature was designed.

Front-loading evolution

The Nudge is a recent attempt to help people better grasp the concept of front-loading.

The SRP, Alu elements, and Nudging is a long, meaty essay that explores a ribosomal component through the prism of rationality and foresight, making connections that most people don’t or can’t see.

Front-loading and the nervous system outlines several lines of evidence that indicate the nervous system was in the cards.

Methylation – focusing the effects of cytosine deamination extends on a argument from my book, showing a hidden patten buried in the genetic code.

Rationality in biology

The Rational Essence of Proteins and DNA consistently brings in traffic from Google and shows how various attributes of two different macromolecules, DNA and proteins, are linked in several conceptual ways.

Evolution under intrinsic control provides an example of how life is built in such a way to facilitate its own evolution.  When this essay was originally posted on the internet, it was mentioned in Scientific American.

If I missed one that you thought should have been in the Top 10, feel free to post it in the comments.

Merry Christmas, all!

*Actually, I just picked out my ten favorites, mostly off the top of my head.  If I had done this on another day, I might have picked a different set.

One response to “The Top 10 of 2009

  1. Actually I think your very latest post is a jaw-dropper. You’ve been predicting for years that we would find out that the bacterial cell is much more organized than we thought.

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