FL Thoughts Out Loud

It’s often the case that I get an idea but don’t have the time to write up a decent blog to spell it out.  As a result, some ideas come and go.  So I will start a new tag entitled, FLE ruminations.  Here I will jot down ideas for possible future reference and/or expansion.  We’ll kick it off with some stuff that is in the process of connecting genomic shape to front-loading:

  • I’ll bet that genomic shape is tied to macroevolution. I also think it will be tied to the reformatting of genomes (as I am currently discussing). Darwin was wrong about his gradualism – I think it is going to become clear one day that significant evolution proceeds in jumps. I say severe, prolonged stress on organisms causes them to reformat genomes. Adaptive radiation proceeds outward from the genomic diversity that is spawned by the reformatting.
  • Never forget this as I think it is giving us a glimpse of life’s universal strategy.
  • One has to begin thinking that these mobile elements are reconfiguring the *shape* of the genome.  That Alu elements have been shown to influence nucleosome positioning adds to the plausibility of this notion.  And if shape is involved, we’re talking about ways in which physical laws are constraining genomic output.
  • The dual meaning of James Shapiro’s thesis of genomic system architecture is intriguing.  It’s not just a conceptual/logical architecture, but also a literal, physical architecture.  I can imagine mobile elements moving en masse and triggering something akin to a phase shift in form or positioning.  This could open some real doors for self-organization principles at the heart of genomics/evolution.

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