Word Frequency

There’s a neat little tool you can use called the Word Frequency Counter. It can provide a nice snapshot of the concepts and terms any particular writer finds important.  So, out of curiosity,  I decided to combine these 14 essays and see what came out of the analysis.

The combined essays contained 11, 040 words.  Not surprisingly, the most commonly used word was ‘the’ at 819 times.  Next came ‘of’ at 407 times. So what if we strip out the if’s, the’s, and’s, of’s, etc. and just list the nouns and adjectives?  You get the following (number of times used, followed by the word):

115 protein

88 proteins

83 sequence

56 amino

43 ribosomal

42 evolution

41 luca

41 life

39 mitochondria

39 code

38 front

38 cell

37 gene

37 cells

33 tom

31 mitochondrial

31 complex

27 acid

26 domains

24 oxygen

24 function

24 acids

23 loading

22 genetic

22 bacteria

21 time

21 rrna

21 blood

20 globin

20 common

20 bacterial

19 functions

18 membrane

18 domain

15 structure

15 story

15 organisms

15 moonlighting

I’ll stop at 15.

BTW, if you are wondering, the number of times ‘scientific,’ ‘science,’ or ‘Darwinism’ used?


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