Defining Intelligence

This is not it:

7 responses to “Defining Intelligence

  1. LOL

  2. Do you think he’ll flunk out of engineering school? 😀

  3. I worked in a third world hospital for three years. There was a pair of wooden swinging doors just outside my lab. Some of the mountain people would stand there for long periods of time trying to figure out how to get through. They’d never seen a door in their life. It’s not their fault. Ignorance is the lack of knowledge. There are many causes of ignorance that do not rely on the intellegence of the individual.

  4. Understood. But what indicates a lack of intelligence is not knowing how the door would open. It’s bull-rushing a glass plate door, head first.

  5. I think that I will reserve judgement. I’d love to know what was going on in his head.
    I have seen what I would consider intelligent Americans make large cultural gaffes resulting in serious problems even after living in the different culture for years. I believe that there are many different kinds of intelligence.

  6. It’s when I rushed at a glass plate door the second time that the thought occurred to me at the last second, “Perhaps there’s an easire way.”

  7. um…easier way.

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