Shadow to Light

I’ve been having a growing desire to discuss metaphysical and theological issues that don’t fit the overall theme of this blog. So if you are interested in discussions related to the Christian faith, feel free to join me over at my other blog, Shadow to Light. I’ll kick it off with a slightly altered version of an essay I posted here.

7 responses to “Shadow to Light

  1. One minute into the video and I’m getting bored.

  2. Two minutes and I’m boreder.

  3. Three minutes. Couldn’t you just waterboard me, instead?

  4. Four minutes. I know! The bridge blows up at the end, right?

  5. Five minutes….zzzzzzzzzz

  6. …zzzzzzzzzzz….Wha’? The library is closing? But I slept through the ending! Wait! No! No! Don’t turn off the computer! I…

  7. LOL!!

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