Phylogenetic Tree

If  one or more initial forms of life were designed
and then evolution followed, the subsequent evolution would be
shaped and constrained by the architecture and composition of the initial
form(s) of life. For example, and for starters, every bit of naturally
occurring variation in living organisms is constrained by drawing from a
relatively small set of protein domains (around 1000), a set of twenty (+2)
amino acids, encoded by genes in a DNA double helix composed of four
nucleotides, decoded with essentially the same genetic code using
essentially the same molecular machine (ribosome). Since variation is
clearly under these constraints, it is possible these constraints (and more)
were designed as a function of seeding the planet and/or as a function of
choosing the laws of Nature.

2 responses to “Phylogenetic Tree

  1. It is not clear at all that things are as random as they would have you believe. A couple other examples:

    -The amino acids frequency is not random. There is a direct correlation of the number of codons for each amino acid and the frequency of these amino acids found in proteins. Leucine has six codons and methionine one. Leucine is found six times more often in proteins than Methionine.

    Single nucleotide changes are limited to the change in the codon. Most changes to amino acids can not occur directly through a single base change. You can not get the amino acid Leucine from Alanine from a single base change. Many changes that can occur are harmful or they tend not not to be conserved.
    See table 5, Hum Mol Genet — Miller and Kumar 10 (21): 2319

  2. Yep , good points

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