Test Your Observational Skills: Part 2

A test of our observational skills showed that people either saw 14 or 15 passes of the basketball.*

Now, go watch Michael Shermer give the test here.

Also, check out what Mark Liberman has to say about it.

I think this demo is a decent metaphor for the origins debate. What if life, and thus evolution, was designed? Would it be more like a man in a gorilla suit walking between a bunch of basketball players than it was an elephant sitting in the room?   I’ll expand on this next.

*I held up the comments of those who saw the gorilla, but there are now posted.

2 responses to “Test Your Observational Skills: Part 2

  1. I saw 14 passes between the white team members and about half way through a guy in a gorilla suit walked right through the kids playing the game.

  2. You beat me, Sarah. I was so focused on counting the passes of the team in white that all I thought I saw was an additional player in black.

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