Test Your Observational Skills

Let me test your observational skills, given that observation is a key element of the scientific method.

The test is simple. When you are ready, click the link to go to a page to watch a short video.

You will be shown a short movie of two teams passing a basketball to each other. One team is in black and the other team is in white.

You task is to watch the video one time and count the number of times the WHITE team passes the ball back-n-forth to each other. That’s all. Then, without reading anyone else’s answer, write your answer in the comments section.


We’ll compare data after I have a few responses.

20 responses to “Test Your Observational Skills

  1. 14. So?

  2. Carla Cocharn


  3. 14.

    This is a very famous video, needle. 😉

  4. This is the movie where people are passing the ball and a guy in a monkey suit walks through the picture, yes?

  5. 14, but wtf is that gorilla all about?

  6. 14…

  7. 14.. wtf is up with the gorilla???

  8. Please tell me someone else noticed the guy in a gorilla suit, haha.

  9. 2, if by back-n-forth you mean between the same two white team members; 15 otherwise

  10. Murray Hogg

    I was distracted by the gorilla

  11. Paul Bruggink


  12. Iain Strachan

    Four people I tried it on (including me) didn’t notice the gorilla.

    I made it 14

  13. After reading instructions carefully several times, I counted the number of passes to be 15 the first time. Then ignoring instructions, I played the video a second time not counting just to see what I was missing suspecting a trick.

    Gorilla! Doh! Didn’t see it the first time as I was focused to accurately count the passes.

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