Daily Archives: May 22, 2009

Another Approach

As I have noted before, something I call the Traditional Template shapes the way most minds approach the issue of design in biology. Basically, the Traditional Template builds on the false dichotomy of “evolution vs. design,” where both sides seem to agree that in order to find evidence of design, we need to disprove the evolution of some feature.

I have suggested an alternative approach.

1. Instead of approaching the issue like a philosopher trying to establish design in one step, approach the issue as a detective looking for clues – inductive gradualism.

2. Instead of taking a negative approach that revolves around skepticism about evolution, take a positive approach that seeks out signals we might expect to see if design occurred.

3. Recognize that we cannot objectively measure design, as “detecting design” is akin to detecting another mind.

Throughout all of this, we need to strive to remain open-minded and intellectually honest, trying to strike the balance between confirmation bias and disconfirmation bias.

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