Bacterial Cross-talk

Watch this video if you’d like to learn about the ways bacteria communicate with each other in a manner that foreshadows your own multicellular life.

6 responses to “Bacterial Cross-talk

  1. This is really freaky. I just finished reader her article on quorum sensing. I flipped to your site and there she is!!

    How would you explain this in an evolutionary sense? Here you have a widespread bacterial mechanism of species-specific communication and inter-species communication. The communication does not take effect until the population reaches a certain threshold. Does this not lend credence to the “creator tweaking evolution” model?

  2. Alaninnont,

    Why do you think it leads credence to a designer? I’ve known about Quorum Sensing for some time. Cool stuff 🙂 It was astonishing when I first read about it. I didn’t know however at the time there had to be a certain population size.

    Can you post a link?

  3. *”leads” = “lends”

  4. There is a really neat, related story about the protozoan Tetrahymena. I blogged about this and the old blog and lost those essays because of the hack. I’ll see if I can put something back together about this.

  5. To datcg,

    I didn’t say that it lends credence to a designer. Mike is a “front loading” proponent. There are others that think that a creator “tweaked” evolution at certain points. I was asking him whether this information supported the “tweakers.” How do you thing this process evolved? Or do you?

  6. Hi Alaninnont,

    For me, this is the type of thing that transcends “how did it come about?” questions because the whole thing is so darned ingenious.

    I am slowly coming to realize that the criterion of Rationality is the most interesting of the four.

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