Homework time

Since it’s Monday, how about a small homework assignment? Earlier, I brought to your attention two biological reactions:

Yet if you look more closely, it’s the same reaction running in two different directions.  So here are a couple of questions.

1. Are these reactions necessary for life?

2. What would happen if these reactions did not exist on this planet?

One response to “Homework time

  1. This has nothing to do with your questions.

    I believe that the above equation is not quite descriptive of human or mammal energy production. If glucose is the initial fuel, it produces without oxygen, energy, hydrogen ions and pyruvate which is stored in the body temporarily as lactate. This lactate can then be turned back into glucose or return to pyruvate which then enters the mitochondria for aerobic energy. These two processes take place in different parts of the cell. Very often the pyruvate or lactate will originate in a different cell and be transferred via the interstitial fluids or blood stream to a cell sometimes in another part of the body.

    Or you could start with fats which enter the mitochondria to produce aerobic energy and do not fit the equation you have.

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