The Face That Could Have Been

Hey, it looks like a Face:

Suspicions are aroused. We need a higher resolution analysis:

Ah, now that looks like any ol’ mountain. No Face.

But what if the higher resolution analysis had shown this?


Would the orginal suspicion be strengthened?

I would say so.

Would anyone disagree?

2 responses to “The Face That Could Have Been

  1. I don’t particularly see a problem with there being a face in the second photograph. If I didn’t know where the picture had come from, I might be willing to presume it to be some statue/monument dismembered by environmental causes. All three of the pictures then are potential fodder for the “somebody made this” hypothesis. And I would also say that all three are therefore in need of further investigation as to what their underlying structure looks like, is made of, and how does it all compare to the surrounding geological structures and make-up.

    I can’t give you a decent link on the web, but I saw a NOVA/discovery special about some huge stones in the Caribbean that many claim are walls to some ancient city (some say Atlantis but whatever). Even though it’s not nearly so anthropomorphic, those stones deserve study–what if someone did make them? That something looks like a face might give us reason to investigate, but our intuitions can’t be reason enough to draw conclusions–even in the third photo.

  2. I think the point is that it doesn’t take very much organization for us to naturally conclude that there was intelligent design. We do this hardly without thinking when we experience things in our world. Why would we assume otherwise when dealing with the creation of the universe?

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